The MBA Stratmor Peer Group Program

About The Program
Our process begins with the collection of loan production and servicing data via the web. About two weeks after the end of the reporting period, we send all participants detailed instructions and definitions for completing our on-line survey. Once the data are collected, we generate a 100+ page data book that displays financial and operating metrics for each individual company within a given peer group. Each book also summarizes simple and weighted average aggregate totals for all other peer groups.

The data inputs are thoroughly reviewed by MBA and STRATMOR personnel, who follow-up individually with companies to ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency. Once the data has been “scrubbed” and adjustments have been made, we provide meeting books to participants generally one week before the roundtable meetings.

Our roundtable meetings are conducted offsite and typically last a day and a half. Our discussions focus on business strategies, models used, best practices, industry trends, hot buttons, technologies employed, etc. MBA and STRATMOR prepare a detailed presentation which summarizes the results and provides extensive analysis across all groups and across various reporting periods.

Once all of the roundtables have taken place and any final adjustments have been made, participants receive a final databook in electronic format. The electronic format allows companies to perform their own analyses. In addition, participants receive the updated presentation, which can be used as a template for internal reporting and presentations.

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